Floor Mountain with Fridge Model EURO 85HPC

Technical Specifications

Cooling Capacity 2.5 lit/hr
Heating Capacity 5.5 lit/hr
SS Cold Storage Tank Capacity 3.2 ltr
Voltage 230 / 50Hz /Single
Power Consumption(Watt) Cooling 120 Watt
Cabinet Type Cooling Cabinet
Power Consumption(Watt) Heating 500 Watt
Refrigerant 134a (CFC Free)
Cabinet Volume 11 Ltr
Net-Weight ( With Packing) 12 kg
Gross-Weight ( Without Packing) 12.5 kg
Product Dimension(LxWxH) 330x330x1010mm
Package Dimension(LxWxH) 340x340x1020mm